Queens Platinum Jubilee flyer
Queens Platinum Jubilee

Badingham has a full schedule of events for the Jubilee weekend and we hope everyone will get involved and make it a truly wonderful weekend to remember.

The flyer for the weekend in now published below. You are also welcome to download and print the colouring sheets, as many as you want. There will be additional copies in the next issue of The Echo which is due to be delivered in the next few days (as at 19 May)

Queens Jubilee flyer
Queens Jubilee flyer

‘Treebilee’ -new oak planted in the churchyard of St John’s Church

2022 heralds a year-long Platinum Jubilee celebration throughout the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and around the world, as communities come together to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s glorious and unprecedented 70-year reign.

A major part of the celebration is the creation of living and lasting memorials, courtesy of a project launched by HRH Prince Charles, affectionately called ‘Treebilee’, where people across the UK are being urged to plant trees to mark this special occasion.

Badingham Parish Council has elected to take part in this project and has been gifted one of 200 English oak trees by East Suffolk Council. It was planted in the Churchyard by Bob Foster in February 2022, and he had kindly made an excellent metal frame to protect it from wildlife.

Tree planting is an important way to help tackle climate change, so this is a great opportunity to contribute to a practical environmental project, creating a lasting legacy. Symbolising royalty, patriotism and strength, the English Oak tree has made an enormous historical contribution to landscape, biodiversity, culture and economy.

Oaks grow to an average of 20m in height and a mature oak can host up to 5,000 different species of invertebrate that will form the basis for a healthy food chain that benefits birds and mammals. As the tree grows and ages, it will develop cavities, crevices, dead wood and other features that plants and animals love.

Trees also naturally absorb CO2, a key greenhouse gas, through the process of photosynthesis, helping to create a significant carbon sink, to benefit everyone through a natural process.

When oaks reach 400 years old, they are considered ancient trees; some can live for over 1,000 years. A small dedication ceremony will take place on Sunday 5th June, following the !!am Church Service, when a plaque will be put in place.

Further information:https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk https://www.forestryengland.uk

Sonia Frost

Chairman of Badingham Parish Council May 2022

Planting of the Treebilee
Planting of the Treebilee