Storm Babet


The following is issued by East Suffolk Council regarding the events of Storm Babet on Friday 20th October:

As you will be aware, we have encouraged the public to use our telephone numbers to call us about issues and impacts relating to Storm Babet.

This includes our ‘out of hours’ telephone number which is managed on our behalf by East Suffolk Services.

Call handlers will manage emergency enquiries appropriately. However, we do not expect further flooding over the weekend, so the majority of calls should likely be considered as non-emergency.

In these cases, callers will be reassured that the Council will deal with their enquiry, but that they should contact our Call Centre on Monday morning.

We have updated our web page to that affect with the following information:

If you need advice regarding housing, waste clearing or street cleansing, please call 0333 016 2000 during normal working hours (Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm).

If you are faced with an emergency situation outside of working hours, including the weekend, which require an immediate Council response, please call our out of hours number: 0800 440 2516.

Please do not call this number during normal working hours as it is diverted to other services, and ONLY call in the case of an emergency (such as further flooding or homelessness).

If your property was flooded in the recent storm(s), please complete the spreadsheet below to inform the local authorities. District Councillor Vince Langdon-Morris will collate the information so please send your completed entry to him by email at the following address:

Additional Documents

Individual org-agency Property impact analysis return.xlsx